A world leading AI based SAAS platform that accelerates organizational B2B sales efforts was looking to get support over regularly extracting financial news articles from over 10 different news sources in order to integrate it with its proprietary NLP processor.


A tailored data collection scraper was implemented for collecting news articles with near real-time data availability. The data was gathered, cleansed, and merged to remove any redundancies. The structured data was later preprocessed for sentiment analysis via the client’s NLP algorithms. The main challenges that were successfully overcome were badly structured sites and log-in requirements after reading several articles.


The provided data enabled the client to offer an additional layer of insights for its end clients, through the offered sentiment analysis of the leading financial news sites. In addition, the client was able to reduce its own devops cost and development time by contracting our company for the support over the specified task.

Company Type

Technology Solution



Use case

Voice of Customer, Competitive intelligence, Datasets / Knowledge base

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