The client is a predictive recruiting tech startup that leverages AI to help companies determine which applicants will have the highest likelihood of job success. The client requested support in building a functionality that will allow to extract the biographies, statuses for the attorneys throughout the US and overseas. News for the firms, attorneys’ movements, locations, and activities in attorneys’ communities, and to track the jobs opportunities and updates for attorneys in the US. These sets of data would enable to train the solution’s algorithm and track relevant potential candidates.


A complex tailored data collection system was developed to collect data from over 2,000 web sources. The application scrapes attorneys’ profiles data transforms it by specific rules and detects changes of law firm employees. The application has offered functionality that calculates specialties and practice areas with the help of artificial intelligence based on plain biography and education texts. The application fully supports monitoring system that allows to track listed jobs on attorneys’ websites and update the relevant data on hourly basis.


The delivered application allowed the client’s solution to deliver a very accurate AI predictive algorithm and save hundreds of in-house developers’ hours. The client’s application mobile became a successful career marketplace that leverages artificial intelligence to disrupt the professional recruiting model in the Law industry.

Company Type

Technology Solution, Agency


HR, Legal

Use case

Market research, KPI monitoring, Datasets / Knowledge base

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